Při nákupu nad 1000 Kč od nás získáte TUTO tašku jako dárek

Customers from EU

1Are you from EU and interested in our designs or you want print your own design at textile? Feel free to contact us via email info@pradoch.cz , we will be more than glad to print the shirt (or whatever) for you. 

Shipping to any EU country is no longer than 7 days. We receive payments in EUR.

We´re working on English translate of the whole site Praďoch.cz, but for now, we can only help you via email. We  are handsome and can help through email easily, luckily.

By the way - if you register on our sites as customer, you receive 5% discount. We understand that registering through czech language could be difficult / wonderful language, right? :-) /, so if you are interested - just email us on info@pradoch.cz and we will make registration for you.

David Alföldi
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